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「1」Can You See It?

Hey guys, Tadashi here. So, I’ve decided to start doing something to get my blog going again (kinda) and in this case, I’ll be looking for some kind of beautiful picture and once I find it, I’ll write a short story about it as well as attach a fitting soundtrack as you read it. It can either be dialogue between people/things, some kind of descriptive scene/moment (as descriptive as my actual stories that I’ve posted before) or just words that can evoke feelings. Anything really.

So, here’s my first attempt. I decided to not get descriptive about the surroundings like I normally do. Hopefully it still works out haha. Feedback would be greatly appreciated and I hope to bring out some amazing feelings. Oh, and since I’m lame guy, my stories will probably be just as lame~ Enjoy 🙂

Walk On The Sky

Walk on the Sky

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A Flower Soaked in Rain Chapter 3 – The First Last Day

A Flower Soaked in Rain Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The First Last Day

 As I walk into class for the first and last time, things aren’t that different. Sure, there aren’t any new lessons today and the entire class is basically in party mode, but I still make my way to my desk just to sit down and gaze out the open window. As I sit down, I notice some strange green bins in the back, but quickly ignored them. Continue reading

A Flower Soaked in Rain Chapter 2 – Reality Check

A Flower Soaked in Rain Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Reality Check (June 26th, 2013)

The bus is quite empty which is fairly normal – especially around this time. It’s one of those brand new eco-friendly buses which apparently will help save the Earth. If only they could fix the smell on these buses. I always catch myself wondering just how much of an impact these buses really have in today’s world. We pass by plenty of golden fields and high-arching trees along this quiet road before we finally enter the city district. Continue reading

A Flower Soaked in Rain Chapter 1 – The First

A Flower Soaked in Rain

January 10th, 2015 – the day that I’ll never forget. Who would have thought that a day where I had no expectations for anything – not even from my closest friends – would amount to what it did? If I were to describe that day, and the events before and after…actually, to this day I’m still unable to convey it properly. Bleak? No. Fun? Hardly. Memorable? Yes, at the very least. But let’s go back to that time – the unforgettable day that is forever seemingly etched into my soul. Continue reading